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    BLÜTHNER    GROTRIAN    HAESSLER    August Förster  in South Africa


The following is the selection of available new pianos to try now. Preowned pianos are also available from time to time.

We also provide assistance for loans (unfortunately only for new pianos). We can order other models and finishes.


Bluthner Model 4  210 cm, Satin Black.

Haessler 186 cm Polished Black

made by Bluthner in Leipzig, Germany.

Irmler 160cm Polished Black - You can find an Irmler Concert Grand in Maputo, used for their International Music Festival.

So what is an Irmler? see-,27814.0.html

Grotrian Classic 124cm satin walnut, with 3 pedals, middle pedal is a proper sostenuto pedal (not a practice pedal)

Grotrian Cabinet 192cm satin black


Grotrian Charis 208 grand wins raves in 1st year.

JUST A YEAR AFTER delivering the first Charis 208 models to its dealership, the Grotrian Piano Company has vastly surpassed planned sales figures on the new piano. The share of this model in the grand piano production already counts 20% and is projected to rise further. "The Charis became a success story within one year," says Managing Director Burkhard Stein - article - test drive one here at Maestro Music. Charis - from the Greek goddess of grace who was the muse of fine arts. The sound of this piano covers a wide range of dynamics and has the distinctive Grotrian clarity.


Adjustable Single and Duet, in various finishes.