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Strings on Blüthner, August Förster and Grotrian grands are individually hitched. Advantages are 1) More accurate tuning is possible than with the "loop" system. 2) if one string breaks the event as not as serious as when a string breaks on a loop system where "two" sounding strings essentially fail. 3) if a string does break, the resultant rotational moment on the hammer is less. For general practical and musical purposes, the most important advantage is that more accurate tuning is possible.

Aliquot System

The patented Blüthner Aliquot System consists of an additional fourth string in the treble section which is not struck by the hammer. The fourth string vibrates by resonance, and introduces additional overtones which enrich the dynamic sound. Does it work? Many people are sceptical, but it is easy to test. Simply play a note alternately muting and then leaving the fourth string to vibrate. It is surprising how loud the Aliquot string is even though it has not been struck by the hammer.


Construction This is a view from underneath the Haessler.

The construction of the Haessler is significantly different from that of the Blüthner. It is more "conventional". Strings are hitched, and there are no aliquots. However, quality is as high as on the Blüthner. It is massively constructed. The sound board has the same high quality fine structure grain as used on the Blüthner - this is easily seen when comparing the two pianos side by side. The tone is brighter, and crystal clear.

Note: most makes of grand pianos, including Steinway, Haessler and Irmler, have hitched strings.

Blüthner, August Förster, Grotrian and the newly designed Petrof models hitch thier strings individually.

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To hear how they sound, how the notes sustain, to hear the glorious basses and singing trebles, and to try out their action, please come and visit us!

Blüthner and Haessler pianos:

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