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Tchaikovsky's words: "Blüthner is the perfection of sound."


GROTRIAN Pianos are made by the GROTRIAN Piano Company, Braunschweig, Germany

August Förster Pianos are mande by August Förster GmbH, Löbau, Germany

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"My piano is to me what a frigate is to a seaman, his horse is to an Arabian, and much more! Up to now it has been my essence, my language, my life! .."  Franz Liszt, from "Travel Letters", 1837.

"Music is enough for a lifetime; but a lifetime is not enough for music." Sergei Rachmaninoff.

NEWS: Petronel Malan's latest Recording: Transfigured Beethoven

“Hänssler Classic (Germany) and Amaranth Digital are proud to announce the launch of the latest CD of Grammy Nominee and Gold Medalist Winner of numerous international competitions, Petronel Malan. “Transfigured Beethoven” will be launched at a cocktail party at the largest classical music store in South Africa, the Look and Listen in Menlyn Park, Pretoria, on November the 13 th at 18H30. It will be an opportunity to meet Petronel Malan in person. At this function Miss Malan will be signing her latest CD . Miss Malan’s previous two CD ’s have been described by critics in the United States as “formidable and magical”. Miss Malan continues to enthrall audiences worldwide and is now back in the country of her birth for two weeks to acknowledge the support of her greatest fans and admirers: the South African public.

Anyone wishing to attend this prestigious event must please confirm their attendance before 10 November by phoning the representative of Haenssler in South Africa: Werner van Greuning-Oosthuizen at 082 8753406/ or 012 342 7517 “ for catering purposes.

(abridged text as released by Amaranth Digital)

Petronel exclusively uses Bluthner pianos for her recordings.

Read the story about Tessa Uys and her Bluthner.

 The Beatles produced many albums on Blüthner; John Lennon wrote: "We have played on many terrible instruments. Today luckily we have the choice. Blüthner is our Favourite"-


The Golden Tone

You do NOT have to travel to Leipzig to try a Bluthner , see,24992.0.html

Albert Einstein with Charlie Chaplin, both Blüthner owners.The following story about Albert Einstein was told to Charlie Chaplin by Mrs. Einstein: " The Doctor came down in his dressing-gown as usual for breakfast but he hardly touched a thing. I thought something was wrong, so I asked what was troubling him. "Darling", he said, "I have a wonderful idea." And after drinking his coffee, he went to the piano and started playing. Now and again he would stop, making a few notes then repeat: "I've got a wonderful idea, a marvellous idea!"

I said: "Then for goodness' sake tell me what it is, don't keep me in suspense.' He said: "It's difficult, I still have to work it out."' She told me he continued playing the piano and making notes for about half an hour, then went upstairs to his study, telling her that he did not wish to be disturbed, and remained there for two weeks. ....'Eventually he came down from his study looking very pale. "That's it", he told me, wearily putting two sheets of paper on the table. And that was his theory of relativity.'  from My Autobiography Charles Chaplin.

Camp Fire Concert at Fort Tuli, Zimbabwe, April 1891

This drawing is taken from "Men, Mines and Animals in South Africa", by Lord Randolph Churchill. Note the piano at the top right of the picture. Possibly the first concert with piano in Zimbabwe. "A colossal and Plutonic bonfire threw a wild and glaring light upon the surrounding scenery and upon the groups of men and natives in many coloured and motley attire. The attendance must have numbered over 100. Many excellent songs were sung .." wrote Randolph Churchill for The Daily Graphic. In 1891 this part of the world had no real roads, even for wagons.  "After the Wanetse, the road relapses into a shocking condition, and stumps, rocks, deep ruts everywhere offer a profusion of danger to the traveller. .. the heat became excessive..dust enveloped the carriages in stifling clouds, and the myriads of flies almost amounted to a plague".  Pianos outnumbered doctors at least 1:0 - there were no doctors at either Forts Tuli, Victoria (Masvingo) and Charter.

Sorry, the name of pianist and the type of piano are unknown.

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